First blog post – Set up and Welcome!

So then, here we go, my first blog post. This post will be about how and why I set up this blog.

This blog was started as it is part of assignment 1 in the ‘Journalism Technologies’ module, which is part of my Music Journalism degree. I attended a lecture with Richard Jones about blogs and then attended the tutorial with Caroline Pringle, where she introduced us to different blogging sites which we could use. The 3 main ones which she introduced us to were WordPress, Blogger and Medium. During the tutorial, we were asked to compare the sites and then pick one which we would like to use for our blogs. I decided to use WordPress due the simplicity of it, yet it was also very customisable.

The set up was very simple, I had to pick a category which reflects my blog the most and then had to pick a theme. After this, I had to pick a domain name and then enter my email to complete the set up, which I found this very quick and simple.

So that was how and why I set up this blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

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