Amazon Kindle App and Chrome Extension

This blog post is about the Amazon Kindle App and how I set up an extension to save online articles from a computer onto the kindle app on my phone.

Firstly, I received an email from Richard requesting that we downloaded the Amazon Kindle app ahead of the upcoming tutorial. I downloaded the app from the App Store onto my iPhone and then proceeded into setting up the app which I found really simple. I simply just had to log in with my amazon account and then select a few genres of books which interested me. I then had the option to download 10 books for free, which I passed for now.

The next thing to do was to set the extension up on PC. This was also very simple as all I had to do was Google search “Send to Kindle for Chrome” and select the first link. I then needed to add the extension, log into my amazon account and then select the device which I would like articles being sent to. This is a useful feature as it meant I could easily save things to read onto my phone from a computer.

To test to see if it had worked, I had to save a Facebook article on Slate by simply clicking the Kindle icon on the page. Shortly after, the article appeared in my Kindle app library.

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