Facebook for Journalism – Facebook Live!

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Not only is it used to keep up to date with your friends and family, it is also used to keep up to date with society. Furthermore, it is important for journalism, as it is a source of information.

However, one feature of Facebook which can be a vital part of journalism is Facebook Live. Facebook Live is available through the mobile app and it allows users to broadcast live via their phones. This function allows users to broadcast anything they want really, however, the main uses in a journalistic manner would be to allow you to share something to a live audience. Furthermore, broadcasts can be made public so that everyone on Facebook will be able to see your stream if it appears on their timeline.

I had a go of using Facebook Live and I found it very easy and simple to use. I did a broadcast to a few family and friends to show them around my flat at uni. Personally, I found it a bit like a one way Skype call, where I spoke and my the viewers replied through comments.IMG_2466.PNG

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