Ever since it began in 2006, Twitter has been one of the fastest growing forms of social media alongside the likes of Facebook and Tumblr. However, Twitter is quite different and is a vital part of journalism with several of the features which have been introduced over the years.

One of the most important features of Twitter is the ‘Retweet’ function, where users can repost a tweet to their followers. This is useful for journalists as it allows news to spread quickly. Another one of these features is ‘Lists’. Lists allow users to create or subscribe to a group of users. For example, I am currently subscribed to a list called “Huddersfield” and this shows me tweets from users who tweet about Huddersfield.

However, one of the newer features is ‘Moments’ which is where news stories are shared and if you click on it, you can see some of the best tweets relating to that story. In journalism, this is a great feature as it allows journalists to see different tweets about a story.

I have been using Twitter since 2011 and I would say that it is the social media platform which I use the most. Here is a tweet where I am sharing my blog.

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