REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon at Manchester Arena 8/11/16

Bring Me The Horizon

Manchester Arena


Following the huge success of their fifth studio album “That’s The Spirit”, Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon embarked on their first arena tour of the UK. Manchester was towards the back-end of the tour following two dates at the O2 Arena in London and a ‘homecoming’ show in Sheffield.

Two support bands were selected by the Sheffield band, the first of which being Basement. The ‘hardcore-punk’ band from Ipswich powered through 8 songs with a good mix between their 2012 album ‘Colourmeinkindness’ which was released before their hiatus, and their 2016 album ‘Promise Everything’ which was released at the start of 2016.

The second support band were popular alternative-rock band Don Broco. This was the second time that Don Broco had toured with Bring Me The Horizon this year, as they supported them during the tour around Europe in April. The Bedford band opened with their recent single “Everybody” and ended with “Money Power Fame”, with lead singer Rob Damiani going into the crowd. The majority of their set was songs from their 2015 album, Automatic. However, they did play one song from 2012 album Priorities. Damiani got the crowd bouncing and the crowd definitely enjoyed Don Broco more than Basement.

At 9 o’clock, it was time for the headline act of the night. The lights went off and the crowd screamed with excitement and shortly after, members of the band appeared on stage with lead singer Oliver Sykes appearing last. From the start, you could already feel their stage presence, with drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboard/backing vocalist Jordan Fish high up on 2 separate platforms. The band opened with “Happy Song” which was their second single from “That’s The Spirit”. Following this was 2 songs from 2013 album “Sempiternal”, where Sykes instructed the audience to jump and start circle pits which are common features associated with Bring Me The Horizon shows. The set list was mainly made up of songs from the 2013 and 2015 albums however the band featured fan favourite “Chelsea Smile” from their album “Suicide Season” way back in 2008.

The visuals for the show were really quite stunning, with screens taking over the whole stage. You could really tell that the band had put a lot of effort in making these shows memorable for the fans, with different visuals for each song. Examples include snow effects for “Avalanche” which is pretty self-explanatory and flame effects for “Follow You” which is a song including the lyrics “So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand”.

The 12 song set list before the encore concluded with “Antivist” and “Throne” which are two of the more upbeat songs from “Sempiternal” and “That’s The Spirit” respectively. There was very minimal interaction between Sykes and the crowd, but Sykes did thank the crowd for before the band went off stage to prepare for their encore. The encore consisted of three songs from “That’s The Spirit” and it began with “True Friends”, before moving onto “Oh No” which again, was visually outstanding. This was aided by the crowd too, as Sykes instructed the crowd to use the torch on their mobile phones or a lighter to light up the arena which looked surreal.

The final song was “Drown”, which was released in October 2014 as a stand-alone single before being re-released. This was the first song which showed the band’s shift away from their metal core sounds from previous albums. Also, it is arguably the most popular song from the latest album so it only seemed right for the band to conclude the show with this song.

Bring Me The Horizon made their stage presence felt and the visuals were phenomenal. It was clear that the band had put in a lot of effort to make the shows on this tour memorable and they did an exceptional job of it.

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