Soundcloud was founded in Stockholm in 2007 by Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung, who were frustrated with how difficult it was to share music online privately (and publicly) so that their friends can provide feedback about the music. Currently, there are over 125 million tracks on Soundcloud, compared to 30m on Spotify and Apple Music. Soundcloud therefore allowed musicians to share their music online and added social aspects, such as sharing and providing feedback.

However, audio isn’t just about music. In journalist terms, podcasts are quite important. Podcasts are mainly speech based programmes, and mainly started when AudioBoom was founded in 2009 by Mark Rock. Like Soundcloud, there are social aspects to AudioBoom such as sharing and commenting. In 2014, many media outlets such as the BBC, the Guardian and Sky Sports initiated partnerships with AudioBoom and starting making their own regular podcasts.

A podcast which I listened to was called “Sinatra’s 100th Birthday” which was a podcast about Frank Sinatra. This podcast was an hour long and provided various stories and tributes from several different people on one of the most popular musical artists of all time. Personally, I found it hard to listen to as the tone was fairly dull so I lost interest quite easily, although there were many interesting facts about Sinatra.

Here is a link to the podcast

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