REVIEW: You Me At Six (The Underdogs) at The Key Club Leeds 11/1/17

You Me At Six

The Key Club, Leeds


You Me At Six playing Save It For The Bedroom in a 300 capacity venue? Have we suddenly warped back to 2009? No, it is 11 days into 2017 and You Me At Six are playing a secret gig in Leeds to 300 people.

Since their debut album in 2008, the Surrey rock band have taken the modern pop punk/rock stage by storm. From the cheesy hits from Take Off You Colours, to the mature rock vibes of latest album Night People, You Me At Six are one of the leading flagbearers for British rock music. They have played on the Warped Tour in the USA and have also embarked on many of their own headline tours around the world, as well as having four albums reach the top five of the UK album charts.

In the early afternoon of the gig, members of the Surrey rockers posted several tweets about their “mates” called The Underdogs putting on a gig on in The Key Club, Leeds. Further tweets even contained set list suggestions, which happened to be songs of their own. Fans quickly sussed out that The Underdogs were in fact You Me At Six, and that they were putting on a secret show in Leeds.

Introduced as “The best You Me At Six tribute band, The Underdogs” by the venue DJ, the five rockers entered the stage to screams and applause. Lead guitarist Chris Miller swiftly began playing the first riff of Save It For The Bedroom, a fan favourite from 2008 album Take Off Your Colours. The crowd reacted by getting into action by bopping and screaming back every lyric. It’s not often that the band perform songs from their first studio album anymore, and this provided a sense of nostalgia, assisted by the 300 capacity venue.

The 15 song set list consisted of songs from all of their five studio albums, leaning particularly to their heavier pacey songs. The band excellently merged Reckless with When You Were Young by The Killers and performed their own most recent single Heavy Soul for the first time live. Lead singer Josh Franceschi spoke about his love for playing in Leeds, and even said, “Leeds, don’t you dare ever f*cking change, promise me that,” following the lyric “Some things, they never change” during the ever popular Stay With Me. It was a typical gig in Leeds, with several chants about Yorkshire and the city itself, which Franceschi even joined in with.

With six songs left, the management of The Key Club told the band that there was only time for two more songs, however in typical rock ‘n’ roll fashion, they played the rest of their set in full. Before closing the set with the energetic Night People, Franceschi asked Ben Ray from Slam Dunk Records to come on stage and thanked him and his record label for giving You Me At Six a chance all the way back in 2008 with the release of Take Off Your Colours. He stated that without them and the support from the fans, they wouldn’t be where they are right now and this was acknowledged by the crowd with rapturous cheering and applause.

Photo taken by @olli_appleyard via. Instagram

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