REVIEW: nothing, nowhere. At Manchester Deaf Institute 21/10/18

Date: Sunday 21stOctober

Venue: Manchester Deaf Institute

Main Act: nothing, nowhere.

Support: Sullii & Lontalius

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Vincent Li

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A churchlike venue with walls draped with pictures of birds isn’t the typical venue where you’d expect to see an emo rapper, but here we are on a chilly autumn’s Sunday evening seeing nothing, nowhere. at Manchester Deaf Institute.

After multiple EPs and two albums since starting in 2015, nothing, nowhere. (Real name Joe Mulherin) is one of the most exciting new artists around, with elements of emo, hip-hop and rock featuring in his music. Having already being dubbed as the “New face of emo” by RockSound, Mulherin has already worked with emo legend Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional for 2017 track, “Hopes Up.” On the back of playing arenas in the US whilst supporting Fall Out Boy, this was nothing, nowhere. embarking on his first headline European Tour with Manchester being the third stop.

Support came from Sullii, playing only his second ever live show and Lontalius, flying all the way from Wellington, New Zealand. UK-based Sullii played first shortly after doors opened, performing a six-song set of songs from his singles. A very touching moment came half way through his set, when he paused and showed great levels of gratitude to nothing, nowhere. for giving him the platform to perform to tour for the very first time and play his first shows. Following the short set, Lontalius took the stage alone with his guitar and laptop. He produced a very relaxed but moving set, clearing showing emotion in his music.

Upon conclusion of the interval, nothing, nowhere. consisting of Mulherin alongside his touring drummer and guitarist took the stage with a short interlude before opening with “Clarity in Kerosene,” a strong fan favourite. He then powered into his latest release “Dread,” a song which Mulherin wrote after having to cancel his Summer tour of the US due to his battle with anxiety and depression. Mental health is a topic which is often touched in Mulherin’s lyrics, and the Vermont based emo rapper took some time during his set to talk about a topic which is often looked down upon, expressing that “Mental health doesn’t define you as a person, it always gets better.” Furthermore, Mulherin voiced his appreciation to the packed audience for coming to him on tour, stating that it was surreal to see so many people at a show that was across the pond, which was something which he didn’t expect back when he was writing music from his basement.

The vocal audience deserved a huge amount of credit however. The emotions that ran through the room came from his dedicated fans, who only made the show feel more intimate and memorable with tears, smiles and a whole lot of energy. The 14 song set consisted primarily of songs from the two nothing, nowhere. albums to date, Reaperand Ruiner, such as “Skully,” “Rejecter” and “Hopes Up.” Furthermore, Mulherin showed his appreciation to his loyal following by playing singles such as “Deadbeat Valentine” and “Twenty Something.” Although stage space was rather restricted, Mulherin made the absolute most of it, as well as utilising the projector screen with homemade camcorder recordings of various sceneries – a signature aesthetic which is used in nothing, nowhere. music videos.

Wrapping up the set with the heavy hitting “Hammer” and emotional “Nevermore” before encoring with “I’m Sorry, I’m Trying,” it was a night to remember for everyone in the venue. “That will be hard to top, Manchester” thanked Mulherin, “We’ll be back very soon.” With the sheer emotion and energy which was delivered nothing, nowhere. we do sure hope that he is back very soon.


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