REVIEW: Agust D – D-2 – Album Review

Artist: Agust D

Album: D-2

Label: Big Hit

Rating: 9/10

Big Hit Entertainment have been teasing about a new release on social media over the past week, and on 22ndMay, it was revealed that the release would be Agust D’s second mixtape, D-2.

For those who don’t know, Agust D is a side project by BTS rapper, Suga, and his first mixtape Agust D was released back in 2016. Fans of BTS have anticipated Suga’s second mixtape for a long time now, so the sudden release brought huge excitement to ARMY’s.

With the huge success of Map of the Soul: 7 with BTS, as well as collaborations with Halsey and IU, 2020 has been a big year for Suga already, but the rapper is known for being extremely passionate with his work, so it’s no surprise that he has written and produced the majority of this mix tape all by himself too.

At 10am UK time, Big Hit suddenly released the music video for lead single ‘Daechwita’ and in typical fashion, due to the sheer size and dedication of the ARMY, the phrase was trending worldwide within moments on Twitter. The name of the track originates from a genre of traditional Korean military music, and the track heavily features this style of music along with Suga’s trademark hard rapping style. The video fuses old and new, with Suga switching from military hanbok to Air Jordan’s and Chanel necklaces, whilst being set in a Korean palace. The lyrics are aggressive, with Suga voicing where he is in life right now, highlighting “I’m a king, I’m a boss, remember my name.”

The following track ‘What do you think?’ follows a similar lyrical theme, where Suga goes in hard with his lyrics, showing off his achievements despite all the hate in the media, emphasising that he doesn’t care what they think. However, the sound of this track contrasts from ‘Daechwita’ and features a hip-hip style beat, which is the same beat which Suga is seen working on late at night in BTS’s 2019 documentary, Bring The Soul.

The mixtape also features fellow BTS rapper, RM, in the fourth track ‘Strange.’ Both rappers question the way modern society is, discussing themes such as greed and war. However, RM isn’t the only artist which features on the mixtape, with NiiHWA, MAX and Kim Jong Wan of alternative rock band NELL featuring too.

Suga’s versatility as a musician is also showcased in this mixtape, as he provides rare singing  in tracks such as ‘Honsool’ and ‘Interlude: Set me free.’ However, it isn’t just his vocals which demonstrate this versatility, but the style of music too, as the mixtape features several genres, from the daechwita music style in the lead single, to trap and hip-hip across several songs, and then alternative rock in ‘Dear my friend.’

Overall, D-2 is an incredible follow up from Suga’s first mixtape, Agust D. The themes in this mixtape are quite personal to the rapper from Daegu, with mental health and self-reflection being a regular occurrence throughout the mixtape. In comparison to some of BTS’s music about mental health, the lyrics in those songs relate to searching within yourself in order to love yourself, however in D-2, Suga delves deeper and expresses his own troubles and provides some insight into his life. No matter how much doubt which Suga has had for himself, as well as the hate in the media, Suga has achieved huge things not only as a member of arguable the biggest band in the world, but also as a phenomenal songwriter and producer.

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